Back-end code enables the communication between browsers and information from databases. Back-end developers focus on how a website functions, which means they might work with APIs, code that front end developer interacts with databases, libraries, data architecture, and more. Back-end development works together with front-end development to provide users with a functional and interactive experience.

front end vs back end developer

It’s responsible for storing and organizing data, and ensuring everything on the client-side actually works. The backend communicates with the frontend, sending and receiving information to be displayed as a web page. You open a gourmet dog treat bakery, and need a professional website to present your company to customers and tell them where you’re located. Maybe you’ll include a few photos and some information about your products. While these two types of programming are certainly distinct from one another, they’re also like two sides of the same coin. A website’s functionality relies on each side communicating and operating effectively with the other as a single unit.

Q: Is Front End Development Dying?

The average salary of a frontend Developer in the US is about 106,233USD per annum. Writing, testing, and maintaining development solutions for code-related problems are all part of the job.

In this article, we will define front-end development, back-end development, the differences between the two and common career choices for each. To summarize, the frontend involves all the parts a user interacts with, whereas the backend is the logic that powers the frontend interactions. The application would be able to accept credit card information or other payment options and store that information securely in the database. The same goes with any saved in a playlist you created or marked as favorites that you would like to revisit. If everything is correct, you would be directed to your Home page, with a visual cue indicating your login. It could be a ‘Welcome’ message that includes your name or username. There would also be checks to see whether the email address and password you provided match the email and password combination stored in the database when you created your account.

Front End Developer Salary And Back End Developer Salary

They also create services, components and APIs that encapsulate business logic, solve specific business problems and access infrastructure such as databases, file servers, cloud services and more. They work with the full stack and it’s the best of both worlds. When a site renders server-side, all the processes involved in creating an HTML page that your web browser can understand are handled on a remote server hosting the website or web application. This includes querying databases for information and processing any logic that your web application requires.

A back-end developer needs to be highly logical and should be able to come up with effective solutions to meet software goals. A Back-End Developer is a programmer that implements key functionality of websites, software packages and applications. They also handle content management, data structures, data storage, and the security of the application or website. After learning the fundamentals of programming, software engineers can choose to specialize in a particular area of web development. Front-End Development and Back-End Development are two popular career paths to follow. A software framework provides web developers with a platform and sets of tools and libraries to ease the development of robust websites and web apps. They provide a foundation for developers to create new products in faster and more standardized ways.

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Less commonly, front-end devs know other programming languages like Python, PHP, or Ruby. Front-end developers design the visual aspects of websites for users to interact with, including colors, layout, and fonts. Back-end developers create the invisible structure that helps websites function properly.

  • The front-end and back-end are usually completely separate from each other.
  • Back End devs can be more technical and organized, but they are still a part of a larger team.
  • So you decide to open an online store where people can shop and place orders anytime.
  • The term “front-end” refers to the user interface, while “back-end” means the server, application and database that work behind the scenes to deliver information to the user.

The desirable work of a front end developer is the designing of layouts and the desirable work of a back end developer is to attain a functional stage. Take part in one of our FREE live online web development events with industry experts. Get a hands-on introduction to web development and build your first website from scratch with our free, self-paced Web Development Short Course. Your business website looks great, and the gourmet dog treat bakery has become incredibly successful. Now customers want to buy large quantities of goodies for their furry friends, and start asking if they can order online.

Front End Vs Back End: Definitions And Differences

While front-end development is focused on the visual elements of a website, back-end development refers to aspects of a website or application that aren’t visible to the user. It encompasses the development of the data storage and communication between a website or application’s database and browser. The three main components of a back end include the server, application, and database. The front end of a website or application refers to the visual elements that users see and interact with.

Full-stack devs know front-end and back-end programming languages, like JavaScript, Java, Python, and CSS. Other typical skills include experience with web architecture, developing algorithms, databases, and Git and GitHub. Front-end devs use computer programming languages like JavaScript, HyperText Markup Language , and Cascading Style Sheets to design websites. HTML lays out the site’s content and structure, CSS adds design features, and JavaScript creates advanced interactive features.


If you enjoy front-end design as much as back-end development, you could steer your career path towards a job in full stack development. The salaries can vary dramatically based on your experience and based on your specialties. Specialties also have an effect on salary, as noted by the difference in salary between a senior Javascript web developer who outearns the senior frontend developer. The seemingly simple goal of creating a clear, easy-to-follow user interface is difficult due to sometimes widely different mobile device and computer screen resolutions and sizes.

front end vs back end developer

A Front End developer works with designers and Back End devs to create a website. Front End devs use programming languages and frameworks to create what a user experiences in a browser. Backend developers need to be proficient in programming languages that render on the server-side of a website or application. The most popular backend programming languages are PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, and Java. Typically a good backend developer will be a master at one of these languages, but familiar enough to code in a 2nd or 3rd programming language. Backend developers will also need to proficient in working with databases like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server. While front-end development is about making sites and web applications render on the client-side, back-end development is all about making these apps render server-side.

Developers who write front end code, back end code, and write SQL queries are called full stack developers. The goal of the back end development is to serve the information that the user requested. Check out the blog for more easy-to-understand resources on website development and digital marketing. And, contact DOJO Creative to begin your digital journey and give your website a new-life.

  • Reading through this, has not only help me understand the map,it was also a confirmation that my dreams are valid.
  • Instead, you could collaborate with program managers, graphic designers, and UX/UI designers to solve problems.
  • But, as an admin, you also have to make changes and perform maintenance to the website, which you can’t do from the public-facing side of the frontend.

Software applications used to be built with server-side programming languages and databases, such as Java and MySQL, that were built specifically for desktop-based clients. Because of the static nature of both desktops and software, the back-end structure of applications took infinitely higher precedence over the user interface and other front-end design work. However, the advent of modern web browsers, web applications and mobile computing caused front-end application design to become a top-of-mind concern for development teams. The backend developers handle everything that doesn’t involve producing a user-interface such as writing APIs, creating libraries, or adding utilities to everything the web designer creates. They facilitate communication between the presentation layer and the business layer. They play a crucial role in web development and their role is highly collaborative as opposed to the frontend web designers. In short, backend web development is the combination of development and maintenance of core functional logic of a software application.

TypeScript takes a radical approach to fundamentally change JavaScript from a dynamically-typed language to a statically-typed one. Often, this is the difference between a low-cost website and a professionally built website. They break easily, cannot be fixed easily, and all look similar. But, as an admin, you also have to make changes and perform maintenance to the website, which you can’t do from the public-facing side of the frontend. Every Content Management System has an admin dashboard that enables administrative functions.